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You have to wear your mask and have your safe pass with you.

Kids who are 12+ years old have to wear their mask as they enter the reception area and have their safe pass with them.

To enter the Komanetsi , use only the main entrance and always have your check in card with you that you can use at the reception area.

The exit is only from the back door of the building by checking out your card in the system that exists in the area next to the showers.

Big and small pool, Showers, Jacuzzi, Locker room

Steam bath, Sauna (out of order due to covid )

  • Necessary booking via KOMANETSI application.
  • Use the chairs that are provided around the pool for your stuff.
  • Before using the pool you have to take shower with soap.
  • After using the toilets you have to take shower with soap.
  • Using hair cup is a must.
  • You have to bring clean slippers that you have to wear on the inside area of KOMANETSI.
  • Use sanitizer before and after using the toilet.
  • Use your own towel for using sauna and steam bath ( out of order due to covid)
  • After using sauna and steam bath you have to take shower with soap before entering the pool. ( out of order due to covid)
  • Clean your feet before using sauna and steam bath. ( out of order due to covid)
  • You’re not allowed to leave your stuff in the locker room.
  • Mind the pool speed lanes for free swimming.
  • Pay attention to the direction of pool lanes for free swimming.


  • Reservation is required using the KOMANETSI mobile application.
  • Use clean towel.
  • Clean the bicycles (RPM) or any other exercise machine after using them.
  • Exit only the area indicated by the instructor.


  • Necessary booking via KOMANETSI application
  • Using towel is a must.
  • The fuses are required to be placed on the free weights before their use.
  • Follow the instructions that are written on the machines.
  • After using the machines you must clean them with antiseptic liquid.
  • Exit only the area indicated by the instructor.



  • Follow the rules that are instructed by the staff of how to use the machines and in general all the activities.
  • Follow the instructions of the trained staff in case of an emergency.



  • Follow the parking marks.
  • Kids must be accompanied by their parents or related adults.
  • The parking slots for disable people must be used by those who have disability card.
  • Use trash bins.


Pay attention to the operating regulations and respect the staff’s instructions.