It is located in Strovolos opposite the Blind School Amphitheatre, the address is 27, 28th October street, Nicosia.

Does it have the required license to operate?
KOMANETSI AQUATIC & FITNESS CENTER is fully licensed to operate, under license number 7.




I would like to register as a member. How much will it cost me?
There are various pricing packages. It is recommended that you visit us in person and we give you a tour of the gym and the aquatic center. We can then provide you with information regarding prices.

How could I receive information about your subscription packages? Could I first try your services before I decide?
You can receive information regarding subscription packages from our reception. There are subscription packages for the aquatic center, the gym or subscription for both. You can try once for free.

What do I need in order to start at the gym?
You will need your trainers, towel and water.

Are there are group classes at the gym?
There are many group classes at the gym. Please refer to the gym programme for more information.

Do you offer circular training?
Yes but in a more modern context. Please refer to the gym programme for more information.

What is the minimum age for gym registration?
15 years of age and above.

Is there a way to track my progress at the gym?
Yes, every month you will be given a body fat measurement and the results will be sent to you by email.

In the previous gym I could not locate the trainers also I was not happy with the overall cleanliness. What is your approach?
Our trainers are easily identifiable since they were an orange t-shirt with KOMANETSI clearly written on it. They are always willing to help you. The cleanliness of our facilities is of outmost importance to us.

What do I need for the pool?
You will need a towel or bathing robe, soap for your body and slippers or flip flops.

How can you help someone who has health issues?
We have aqua-therapy classes for people with severe health issues. You will need to bring a report from your doctor specifying the treatment that you require.

How can I train in the water?
Daily there are aquarobics group classes in the shallow and deep end of the pool. There is also free style swimming as well as swimming classes. Furthermore, there are personal training classes.

Are there swimming classes?
Yes, for adults and children.

What else could I do in addition to the gym and aquatic center?
You can use the sauna, Jacuzzi, steam-bath and relaxing pool with water jets.

Who could I refer to if I need assistance with the pool or gym timetable?
You can talk to the trainers in the orange t-shirts with KOMANETSI clearly written on them.

Are there group classes for the pool?
Yes there are group pool classes. Please refer to the pool timetable for more information.

Do I need to be at an advanced level in order to attend classes either at the pool or gym?
You can attend any class you wish. You do not need to be at an advanced level.

How often do you recycle the water in the pool?
The big pool, 25m x 15, is recycled every 3,5 hours and the small pool, 10m x 5, every 1,5 hours. The Jacuzzi is recycled every 7 minutes.

Do you have defibrillators in your building?
Yes we have three defibrillators. Also, we are a training center for First Aid and Resuscitation.